Andrew Brons

We believe the gradual dismantlement of the Apartheid system over the last 17 years to be retrograde. The alternative to Apartheid, multiracialism, envisages an extinction of the white man

National Front election manifesto edited by Andrew Brons in 1983

Andrew Brons was elected to the European Parliament in 2009. Like BNP leader Nick Griffin, he was previously a member of the National Front. Here is his history:

1964 Aged 17, he joins National Socialist Movement, a group founded on the anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birth and responsible for an arson campaign against Jewish property and synagogues in the 1960s.

Although the campaign is well-intentioned, I feel our public image may suffer considerable damage as a result of these activities.

1974 Voted onto national directorate of National Front. Stands as NF candidate in two Parliamentary elections

1977 Stands as NF candidate in Birmingham Stetchford by-election

1979 Stands as NF candidate in Bradford North

1980 Becomes NF chairman

1982 Leads NF march through London on which marchers chanted: “We’ve got to get rid of the blacks”

Writes in Spearhead magazine:

One ethnic, national and religious group whose power and influence has undoubtedly increased has been the Jews. It can be no mere coincidence that the number of people of Jewish ethnic origin to be found in international and multiracialist schools of thought and organizations of action is out of all proportion to their numbers in the population

1983 Edits NF general election manifesto and stands in Leeds East for NF

The manifesto states:

The National Front rejects the whole concept of multiracialism. We recognise inherent racial differences in Man. The races of Man are profoundly unequal in their characteristics, potential and abilities.

1984 Convicted of behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace after incident when asked to stop selling racist newspapers. He tells community constable PC John Raj, who is of Malaysian origin: “I am aware of my legal rights. Inferior beings like yourself probably do not appreciate the principle of free speech.”

2005 Joins BNP

2009 Elected as Euro MP for Yorkshire and Humber, with 9.8% of the vote

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