Mark Collett

Just because a dog is brought up in a stable doesn’t make him a horse

- Mark Collett on whether black people can be British

A former Youth Leader of the BNP, Mark Collett is currently the party’s Director of Publicity. He featured in the 2002 documentary Youth, Nazi and Proud and appeared in court alongside Nick Griffin in 2006, charged with race hate offences.

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Mark Collett in his own words

Winston Churchill was a fucking cunt who led us into a pointless war with other whites standing up for their race

The Prince of Wales is a fucking traitor. Did you hear him say we needed more mosques in this country? All Muslims are anti-British terrorists.

AIDS is a friendly disease because blacks, drug users and gays have it

The Royal Family have betrayed their people. When we’re in power they’ll be wiped out and we’ll get some proper Germans to rule properly

There’s not a European country the Jews haven’t been thrown out of. When it happens to that many times, it’s not just persecution. There’s no smoke without fire.

Hitler will live forever; and maybe I will.