The BNP claims it would :

  • Deport ‘all the two million plus who are here illegally’
  • Deport all those who commit crimes and whose original nationality was not British
  • Review all recent grants of residence or citizenship to ensure they are ‘still appropriate’
  • Offer generous grants to those of foreign descent resident here who wish to leave permanently
  • Stop all new immigration except for exceptional cases
  • Reject all asylum seekers who passed safe countries on their way to Britain.

Without offering any evidence to back up its claims, the party goes on to say:

Immigration is out of control. Britain’s population is now over 60 million and rising, solely due to immigration. Not only is Britain increasingly overcrowded, but the fact is that a country is the product of its people and if you change the people you inevitably change the nature of the country.

We want Britain to remain – or return to – the way it has traditionally been. We accept that Britain always will have ethnic minorities and have no problem with this as long as they remain minorities and do not change nor seek to change the fundamental culture and identity of the indigenous peoples of the British Isles.

Only the British National Party has the reasonable, sensible, fair and just immigration policy which will guarantee that Britain remains British.

Challenge Immigration

The BNP sees immigration as to blame for all the country’s ills and claims that:

Unless the Third Wold immigration invasion is not only halted, but also reversed, Britain will be submerged well within the next 30 or 40 years to become a majority Third World nation

The Ethnic Cleansing of

Of course, the statistics tell a different story. Visit and check the ‘immigration and asylum statistics’ section which links to updated quarterly figures.

Challenge Asylum Issues

The BNP is quick to scapegoat refugees and asylum seekers, often claiming they are living on ‘luxurious’ benefits not available to others.

In fact, asylum seekers are currently entitled to the following amounts:

  • single person aged 18 or over: £35.15 per week
  • lone parent: £42.16 per week
  • couple: £69.57 per week

Asylum SupportUK Border Agency

Compare this with Jobseeker’s Allowance:

  • single person aged 16–24: £50.95
  • single person aged 25 or over: £64.30
  • couple: £100.95

Jobseeker’s AllowanceDirectGov

Agencies slam cuts to asylum welfareRefugee Council

For more information about refugees and asylum seekers, check out or contact Refugee Council press officer Hannah Ward on 020 7346 1213 or

Some useful information is available for download here:

The Truth about AsylumRefugee Council

The NUJ has worked with UNHCR to produce guidelines on reporting and photographing refugees and asylum seekers:

Reporting Asylum & Refugee IssuesUNHCR

The NUJ has also produced our own guidelines on race reporting:

Covering the elections? Read the NUJ’s race reporting