The BNP and the Press

When we take power, we shall put the noose around the neck of politicians and journalists who are to blame for creating this multiracial hellhole. They must face trial and pay the ultimate penalty.

- Editorial, Rune Magazine

The mass media is our main enemy.

- Paul Golding, BNP Councillor

It’s fair to say the BNP doesn’t like journalists. The party’s paranoia about our profession dates back to Nick Griffin’s 1997 leaflet Who are the Mind-benders?

Accusing Jews of “providing us with an endless diet of pro-multiracial, pro-homosexual, anti-British trash”, Griffin writes:

The mass media in Britain today have managed to implant into many people’s minds the idea that it is ‘anti-Semitic’ even to acknowledge that members of the Jewish community play a large part in controlling our news. [...] Such is the cowardice of the vast majority of the intellectual prostitutes known as journalists, that it seems that Organised Jewry is able to impose its line on the British press by rather more remote control than in the case of television.

Anti-Semitic sentiments aside, Griffin and the BNP also dislike journalists because we expose the truth behind the party. They have targeted the media as one of their main enemies and plan to “immunise the public against the media’s “vicious lies

The Mass Media is our Main

As a result, we have found ourselves targeted. Sometimes our workplace is the subject of a boycott:

BNP threatens newspaper’s advertisersThe Guardian
BNP threatens to boycott News Shopper’s advertisersNews Shopper

Sometimes the individual is targeted:

BNP councillor brands newspaper reporter ‘Nazi’Press Gazette

Times reporter assaulted at BNP meetingThe Times
BNP says ejecting reporter proves party is not ‘soft’The Times

But more often our personal details (photographs, address and telephone number) are displayed on the journalists-only section of Redwatch – a White Nationalist website with strong BNP links. Here’s a couple of quotes from the site, directed at journalists:

Now it’s time to start a proper campaign of violence and intimidation towards those who seek to see us silenced.

We need to find this reporter fast. If we can scare this cunt off we might get an easier time.

The NUJ, along with other trade unions, has campaigned for the website to be closed down.

BNP’s ‘staggering hypocrisy’ condemnedNational Union of Journalists

Aware of the damage to its public image, the BNP attempts to distance itself from Redwatch but the links are strong. For example a picture taken by a BNP member of the author of this website appeared on Redwatch within 48 hours.

Similarly, the BNP tries to distance itself from the English Defence League, but the two organisations share many members, some of whom have targeted journalists:

Death threats for journalists covering far right demosNational Union of Journalists
Far right embraces fatwasThe Guardian

The BNP has also targeted the NUJ itself, calling a demonstration outside the union’s headquarters in 2004 to protest at ‘anti-white racism’ in the news!

Maybe this is because they also dislike trade unionists, saying:

They are fixated on nonsensical dogma about equality and anti-racism – something that makes them a menace not just to their members but to the whole of our society.